A course that easily took me deeper into my own personal development both personally and professionally. It has made conscious many things in my own behavior that will benefit me at home and at work. I had insights about myself that I actually knew of, but did not really understand what to do with or how to handle. A lot has fallen into place and I am still"reaping" the effects.

Store Manager, Systembolaget

Assistant/System Administrator

A big THANK YOU to both of you, you are truly fantastic, so much you contribute and share to help others, absolutely wonderful. Lisbeth, I am so glad that you contacted me about this, otherwise I would not have jumped on the train. Sure, I wouldn't have known what I had missed, but this course will take me far in my personal development. A whole new way of thinking about thought, a whole new calm….

Västra Götalands Region

I felt very safe with you two and it really shines through how passionate you both are about this. Your committment to sharing your stories and the genuine feeling that you really want to engage with our stories was great. The course content has made me much more aware of my thoughts in a way I never thought about before. In my work we also work a lot with motivational interviewing and thoughts etc. But the way you made me understand this is something completely different. I have a calmer mind thanks to you. Fantastic!

The course had a great format - I give you a score of 5 out of 5 on everything! Understanding the difference between all this and seeing how much we carry with us was very rewarding. It was an absolutely brilliant course and I took many new insights home with me.

This is a summary of my take-aways from the Inside Out course. I have learned to:

  • prioritize
  • dare to opt out of things
  • dare to have fewer items on my agenda

This has helped me to:

  • work with the right tasks
  • do things better than before
  • give myself time for relection in order to come up with new ideas
  • lead myself better than I did before
  • think clearer about the how-to when challenging my manager, while at the same time remaining supportive

Personally, I have learned that I have, and have always had right from the start, everything I need inside of me and just by being human I am perfect. What I need to do is practice choosing which thoughts I will let myself attach to, and which I should just let go of. This is a lifelong practice for me.

HR Talent Management, Hogia Service AB

Koskinen OY

Area Director; Scandinavia, Iceland, UK, Ireland & North America

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